Hey! I am the oldest of three siblings and I love creating art, empowering others, thrifting, & self care. It's my goal to share good vibes with you through my creations. Check the shop to see what I mean. 



If something is “made for you” -  you recognize it by feeling. It feels like love at first sight or the eureka moment of - “wow; i’m not the only one with these vibrations of thought.” That “made for you” feeling is a subconscious invisible connection between you and the designer. 

Oldest of Three, llc. is my imagination made tangible through art and design. The materials, shapes, & colors used were selected to inspire connection with self & nature to promote wholeness, love, & well being. It's my intention that each piece you welcome into your life  brings joy & becomes a meaningful treasure passed down with nostalgia.  

As a child I didn’t care much for tradition or history. I wanted to blaze my own path without any strings tying me down. As I’ve grown older I feel my ancestral past tugging at me. Any question that arises is answered there, in the past. I am content living in the present but I realize being connected to your ancestral past can strengthen you. Being connected means you are part of something bigger than yourself. You stand on the shoulders of kings & queens in their own right whether you have ever heard of them or not. 

I can’t trace my family history back very far. But the history I can trace had an underlying theme. In recent memory, research showed that my ancestors were always on the go in search of better living conditions. My maternal great grandparents had left Puerto Rico and moved to the United States. My paternal great grandparents migrated from Virginia to Ohio. My parents uprooted themselves and my younger siblings to the Southwest from their Midwest upbringing. I was born in Ohio but have found my home in California. 

All this moving created a disconnect & meant letting go of personal items that were treasured. Whether it was because those valuables were pawned for the funds or if it got left behind for the long journey it was lost forever. When I looked around I realized that we didn’t own a collection of heirlooms (valuable objects that belonged to a family for several generations). I saw that my friends had similar stories. While my family didn’t have an assortment of heirlooms we did have family traditions of gathering and celebration.

My maternal grandmother was a spiritual force who was big on family traditions and loved quality jewelry, accessories, and decor. I inherited her wealth of knowledge on matters of the heart, mind, and self love. Those intangible gifts were her heirlooms to me. We'd stay up for hours talking about freshwater pearls, handmade leather bags, the value of gold, honoring your sexuality, and the magical powers of amethyst and rose quartz. She instilled in me a love of quality goods as well as the sentimental meaning behind simple things. 

It's my hopes that Oldest of Three, llc. brings you a sense of belonging and connection to your past, present, and future. 

I use art as a tool for expression and also to make sense of the unknown parts of my stories (mysteries) which connect us all. Most of my current work contains symbols and meanings of ancestral lineages, archetypes, and nature motifs.

I was birthed/ I am living/ I will return to the earth as I came

-Ciara Caple (Founder of Oldest of Three llc)